‘2 consecutive wins’ KT “keeps good momentum”

No. 2 Seo Ho-cheol” 2 consecutive losses→bottom end NC has lineup surgery, ‘2 consecutive wins’ KT “keeps good momentum”

The NC Dinos will host the KT Wiz in Game 5 of the playoffs on Friday at KT Wiz Park in Suwon.

After two straight losses, they’re back to square one, but psychologically, they’re on the edge of a cliff.

It’s a cliffhanger, but NC is more desperate. After two straight wins, they are in danger of a reverse sweep, and super ace Pedi is unavailable.

NC manager Kang In-hwa decided to make a change in the lineup, which hadn’t changed much since the wild card game.

NC will start the game with Son Asub (DH), Seo Ho-cheol (3B), Park Min-woo (2B), Park Geon-woo (R), Kwon Hee-dong (LF), Martin (C), Oh Young-soo (1B), Kim Hyung-joon (C), and Kim Joo-won (RF).

The cleanup was changed to Park Min-woo, Park Gun-woo, 카지노사이트 and Kwon Hee-dong. Seo Ho-cheol was moved up to the second spot and the struggling Martin was dropped to the sixth spot.

“The batting lineup has been sluggish, and we’ve had some recent losses, so we wanted to make some changes today,” Kang explained.

KT, on the other hand, maintained the momentum of their last two wins.

Oh Yoon-seok will start at second base as he did in Game 4. Park Kyung-soo will be on the bench. “We’re doing well, so there’s no need to make any changes,” said Lee Kang-cheol.

Kim Sang-soo (shortstop), Hwang Jae-gyun (third base), Alford (left field), Park Byung-ho (first base), Jang Jang-woo (catcher), Moon Sang-cheol (designated hitter), Oh Yoon-seok (second base), Jeong Jae-dae (center field), and Cho Myeong-ho (right field).

Lee Sung-ho serves as the link between the top and bottom of the lineup, while Hwang Jae-gyun, Alford, Jang Jang-woo, and Oh Yoon-seok are in peak form.

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