“I was told I didn’t have to pitch the first game of the Korean Series…”

“I was told I didn’t have to pitch the first game of the Korean Series…” Finisher, who recovered from back muscle pain, and Noh Shim-chosa of Yeomgalang

LG closer Ko Woo-seok recovers from back muscle pain and checks his physical condition by pitching in the bullpen. Ahead of the Korean Series, LG manager Yoon Kyung-yeop explained Go Woo-seok’s physical condition on Thursday at Jamsil Stadium.

“He said he thinks he’ll be fine,” Yeom said optimistically. Go Woo-seok is scheduled to pitch out of the bullpen on the fifth.

“If he’s okay (after the bullpen), we’ll use him in Game 1 (of the Korean Series), and right now, he said he’s fine. “He doesn’t have to pitch the first game, and there are a lot of games after that, so I told him not to overdo it until he’s fully recovered, 바카라사이트 but he said it’s okay,” Yeom explained.

Yeom even planned on not pitching Go Woo-seok in Game 1 to wait for him to fully recover.

It’s a good thing he stopped pitching as soon as he felt a slight discomfort in his body

“I was surprised (when he was injured). If he had popped while throwing, the Korean Series would have been over. I stopped before I felt any pain, so I avoided a major injury.”

Go Woo-seok suffered a nagging back injury during a practice game against the Merchants at Jamsil Stadium on April 1. In the ninth inning, Go gave up a double to left to leadoff hitter Park Seung-kyu. Lee Ju-hyung popped out to shortstop.

After throwing two pitches to Heo In-seo at first and second base, Go suffered a back problem. Pitching coach Kim Kyung-tae went to the mound to check his condition, and Go Woo-seok did not throw any more pitches due to back muscle pain.

He underwent a medical examination on the 2nd, and fortunately, it was found that he was not seriously injured. “Go Woo-seok was diagnosed with a simple muscle pain in his back as a result of an MRI examination and a hospital checkup,” the LG team said on Feb. 2.

Ko is one of the best closers in the league, and this season he had a 3-8 record with 15 saves and a 3.68 ERA in 44 games. After recording 35 saves as a full-time closer for the first time in 2019, Go has 139 career saves so far this year. Last year, he recorded his first career save title with 42 saves.

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