Football Association confirms next year’s budget of 187.6 billion won ‘29.5 billion won’ compared to this year

The Korea Football Association’s 2024 budget was confirmed to be 187.6 billion won, 29.5 billion won more than this year.On the 19th, the Football Association held the 7th board meeting, the last of 2023, at the Football Center in Jongno-gu, Seoul, and confirmed the 2024 budget plan with a total of 187.6 billion won, which is 29.5 billion won more than this year’s budget (158.1 billion won).The Football Association explains that 85.5 billion won of the total budget is the budget needed to build the Korea Football Center, which will be opened in Cheonan in the first half of 2025.The general budget, excluding the cost of building a soccer complex, is 102.1 billion won. The general budget consists of KRW 63.5 billion of internal income, including sponsorships from partner companies and A-match profits, followed by Sports Toto support of KRW 22.5 billion and the National Sports Promotion Fund of KRW 10.8 billion.Expenditure items included KRW 27.7 billion in operating expenses for national teams at each level, KRW 17.6 billion in operating expenses for domestic competitions, KRW 12.5 billion in technology development and training of coaches and referees, and KRW 9.7 billion in recreational soccer training expenses.

On this day, the Board of Directors also deliberated and approved the agenda of enacting new ‘Ethical Regulations’ and ‘Soccer Human Rights Protection Regulations’.The newly created ‘Ethics Code’ specifies actions that soccer players should not engage in, such as discrimination, defamation, harassment, and illegal bribery, as well as actions taken in case of violations.In addition, the ‘Regulations on the Protection of Human Rights of Footballers’ include specific types of prohibited acts and measures to deal with damage in order to prevent human rights violations in the soccer world.Ethics Committee Chairman Lee Yun-nam said, “Recently, there have been many cases of controversy or criticism from fans due to ethical issues in the sports world.” “I hope it serves as an opportunity,” he said.In addition, the board of directors decided to establish an ‘e-football subcommittee’ and request approval at the general meeting scheduled for early next year.The e-football subcommittee plans to operate an e-football team that will participate in international competitions hosted by the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), 온라인카지노 as well as promote the creation of the eFA Cup and production of broadcast content.

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